Bed and Breakfast
B&B D'eCO Milano

Our Philosophy

The environmental orientation of B&B D’ÉCO MILANO is put into effect by the choice of organic food, ecologic materials, biodegradable products, as well as the gradual installation of devices for energy and water saving.

A virtuous life style, oriented to the environment protection, that we propose to our guest too. Milan choose responsible tourism!

  • appropriate window insulation
  • LED lights automatic switch-off
  • Regular maintenance and servicing of boilers


  • water flow reducer from tap or shower
  • system that regulates the temperature of water
  • two levels WC flushing
  • towels and sheets changed within the limits of the law or according to customer's ecologigal choice
  • water plants and garden after sunset or before high sun.
  • use of eco-labelled detergents and all purpose cleaners
  • facilitate waste separation by guests.
  • no use of disposable products (soap, shampoo, shower caps, etc)
  • used furniture, textiles and other material are given to charity
  • NATURAL HEATING - proper exposure of the building, the appropriate protection of the structure and proper location of the windows, help make the best use of heating from natural climate
  • NATURAL LIGHT - the positioning of windows and a proper layout of the rooms, designed according to the intended use, help get the most of natural light
  • NATURAL COOLING - the appropriate orientation of the structure, makes it possible to take advantage of the natural ventilation


  • the refrigerator is far from or shielded from sources of heat
  • green areas shall be managed without any use of pesticides
  • are provided environmental communication and education notices on local biodiversity and landscape
  • Ecolabel products
  • Preference for organic and local food products
  • active information to guests on environmental policy, objectives and actions.
  • No-smoking in common areas and bedrooms
  • invite the guests to switch off lights when leaving the room
  • Information on how to save water in bathroom.
  • Use waste bin for appropriate waste
  • Inform staff of any leaks.
  • Information on local public transport.
  • tickets available